FRANSU- Many possibilities of bioenergy

FRANSU - Many possibilities of bioenergy is a communication and knowledge exchange project, which is implemented in cooperating with Finnish Forest Centre. Knowledge is exchanged between the French regions of Normandy, Brittany and Aisapari. Partners in France are Dinan Agglomération, SCIC ENR Pays de Rance -energy cooperative together with Parc naturel regional des Boucles de la Seine Normande and regional LAGs.

In Finland the aim of the project is to promote the operation of local bioenergy chains in the Aisapari region and to develop the region’s energy self-sufficiency. The project transmits information between project partners and raise target groups awareness of, e.g. bioenergy use and hybrid energy solutions. Project also gives companies the opportunity to create networks through collaboration.

Project´s target group is residents, businesses and associations of the rural regions, agricultural and forestry operators, other forest energy operators and municipalities.

FRANSU-project is being implemented 1.10.2019-30.11.2022 in Leader Aisapari region (Vimpeli, Lapua, Kauhava, Evijärvi, Lappajärvi ja Alajärvi).

Thermopolis budget is 55 000 €, Leader Aisapari funds 90% of that budget.

Johanna Punkari

project manager
puh. 044 738 0022

Project partners: