Energy Equilibrium


To compensate the variability and non-controllability of seasonally generated renewable energy (RES) (daily fluctuations in solar radiation intensity, wind speed, etc.) development of sufficient energy storage infrastructure in the regions will play a major role in transforming RES supply potential into reality. However, local public authorities that are responsible for creating an enabling policy environment for RES infrastructure development in regions encounter numerous challenges and uncertainties in deploying sufficient energy accumulation that often remain unanswered due to a lack of knowledge and on-site capacity, which in turn significantly hinders the regional path to climate neutrality. This project aims to develop an Energy Equilibrium Platform – an interactive and easily applicable tool to support municipalities and energy suppliers in decision-making related to the development of efficient action plans to accelerate local RES utilization in the region. Energy Equilibrium Platform will help municipalities to:

  1. Identify the most optimal RES storage development strategy and its impact on energy flexibility in the region;
  2.  Help to determine the key factors affecting energy equilibrium (balance between the produced and the consumed energy) in the region;
  3. Help to develop policy mechanisms and action plans to enhance local RES in the region;
  4. Help to anticipate risks and avoid making expensive mistakes (e.g. investing in inappropriate technological solutions).

The consortium is formed by 12 partners from six counrties in the Baltic Sea Region  (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Germany)

Project duration: 1/2023-12/2025

Project budget: 1 997 687,92€ 

Project hnumber: #C027